Western Fruit Express

Western Fruit Express started as a joint venture between the Chicago Pacific Coast Railroad and the Great Northern Railroad, providing temperature controlled freight cars to its parent railroads, as well as maintenance facilities to maintain and repair the freight cars. Through railroad mergers, Western Fruit Express became a joint subsidiary of the Pacific Belt System and the BNSF Railway. In 2005, Western Fruit Express became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Belt System, after BNSF's share was bought out.

Western Fruit Express supplies over 5,000 temperature controlled freight cars to the Pacific Belt System, and maintains their equipment at their dedicated maintenance facility located in Spokane, Washington. A detailed listing of the specific car types owned by Western Fruit Express is shown below.

Temperature Controlled Cars
Builder Car Type Number Series Quantity Notes
PCF 50'-10" 4269 Cu. Ft. Mechanical 710000-712209 2210 (1) 10'-6" Plug Door
Total     5410  
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