Pacific Belt System Subsidiaries

The Pacific Belt System operates a wide assortment of equipment to transport freight, as well as maintain the railroad infrastructure. This equipment includes diesel locomotives to power the trains, several types of freight cars to haul customer's freight, as well as high-tech maintenance equipment to maintain the railroad right-of-way.

Pacific Belt Rail System
The Pacific Belt Rail System (PBRS) is a Class 1 railroad operating a 35,000 mile rail network through 28 States, 1 Canadian Province, 10 Mexican States, and has 47,000 employees. PBRS hauls everything from automobiles & automotive parts, coal & minerals, chemicals, food, forest products and agricultural products. Pacific Belt interchanges with all other North American Class 1 railroads, as well as several regional and short line railroads. The Pacific Belt Rail System comprises the Chicago Pacific Coast Railroad, Chicago Kansas & Pacific Railway, Denver & Gulf Coast Railroad, Gulf Coast Western Railway, Great Lakes Railroad, Seattle Tacoma & Pacific Railroad and the Pacific Terminal Railroad. For more information about the Pacific Belt Rail System, go to the Pacific Belt Rail System page.

Pacific Locomotive Leasing
Pacific Locomotive Leasing (PLLX) offers a wide range of locomotives available for short-term or long-term lease. PLLX has an inventory of four axle yard switchers, four axle road switchers and six axle switchers to meet all of their customer's requirements from industrial and contract switching operations to shortline and long distance freight hauling. For more information on Pacific Locomotive Leasing, go to the Pacific Locomotive Leasing page.

Pacific Railcar Leasing
Pacific Railcar Leasing (PCLX) owns over 27,000 freight cars, including covered hoppers, flat cars, gondolas, hoppers and tank cars. PCLX maintains their freight car fleet in two maintenance facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona and St. Louis, Missouri. For more information on Pacific Railcar Leasing, go to the Pacific Railcar Leasing page.

Pacific Logistics
Pacific Logistics, as a subsidiary of Pacific Belt System, offers truckload, intermodal and logistics solutions for its customers. Pacific Logistics' Truckoad division offers long-haul, regional, expedited and dedicated services. The Intermodal division provides domestic containers for rail and over-the-road service. Pacific Logistics also offers transportation management, supply chain management and cross-border solutions. For more information regarding Pacific Logistics, refer to the Pacific Logistics page.

Cascade Rebuild Center
Cascade Rebuild Center (CRC) performs locomotive rebuilding and freight car maintenance for domestic as well as international customers. With facilities in Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL, Cacade Rebuild Center performs locomotive maintenance/rebuilding, freight car maintenance/rebuilding, locomotive & freight car painting, and container/trailer repairs. CRC also operates global maintenance facilities in Guadalajara Mexico, Sao Paulo Brazil, Adelaide Australia, and Lille France for international customers. For more information on work performed by Cascade Rebuild Center, refer to the Cascade Rebuild Center page.

Western Coal & Pipeline

Western Coal & Pipeline (WCPX) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Belt System, owning three low-sulphur coal mines located in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming; as well as an oil pipeline, supplying oil to major cities in the Western half of the United States. WCPX supplies coal to several power generation plants throughout the United States, as well as coal to export markets such as Australia and China. In order to transport the coal produced by its mines, Western Coal & Pipeline contracts with the Pacific Belt Rail System to haul the coal in freight cars owned by Western Coal & Pipeline. For more information about Western Coal & Pipeline, refer to the Western Coal & Pipeline page.

Western Fruit Express
Western Fruit Express is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pacific Belt System, supplying over 5,000 temperature controlled freight cars to the Pacific Belt System, and maintains their equipment at their dedicated maintenance facility located in Spokane, Washington. Western Fruit Express specializes in transporting perishable food and frozen food shipments throughout North America. For more details about Western Fruit Express, refer to the Western Fruit Express page.

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